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Let’s Rebuild our Children’s Lives as Schools Reopen

Kenyan schools reopened on 13th May 2024 following a two-week postponement due to devastating floods that rocked the country. As flood waters recede and children report back to school, we must not only focus on reconstructing physical facilities but also rebuild the shattered lives of the children...
Expansion of Civic Space

Significance of the PBO Act 2013 in 2024

State of the civil society in Kenya in 2024 Widely recognized as one of the most vibrant civil society sectors in the Eastern Africa region, Kenya has upwards of 50,000 NGOs, foundations, trusts, occupation-based associations, and organisations working at national, county and community levels. Four...
Expansion of Civic Space

Time for a new Pact for the Future

Would you live your life differently if your life’s purpose was designed around a multi-generational problem or goal? This was the central question for over 2,000 civic leaders who attended the United Nations Civil Society Conference that closed yesterday. The world recoils from several major...
Press statements

Heartfelt Condolences on the Passing of Mama Victor

Nairobi, 24 April 2024: Amnesty International Kenya receives with shock and sadness the news that Benna “Mama Victor” Buluma and at least two members of her family have died in the flash floods being experienced in Nairobi. Mama Victor’s courageous spirit and unwavering dedication to seeking...