#KikaoChetu :

Join our monthly Amnesty Members Kikao and be part of a community dedicated to spreading hope and driving change! Each month, we delve into topical human rights issues, share experiences, insights and ideas to create a better world. With every discussion, we build a brighter future and create a world where human rights are upheld for all.


These are Amnesty Kenya Members only 90-minute hybrid sessions are held every second Wednesday of every month from 5:30 PM to 7 PM. We deliberate on current human rights-centered topics and our members get to engage our Secretariat and Board on Amnesty’s policies and procedures, join or be supported to form a Circle of Conscience and take unique public interest actions with us.

These sessions are strictly reserved for our members.

2023 Members Kikao Calendar:

  • 12 Apr – Financial bankruptcy, health insurance and the right to health

  • 10 May – Media freedoms and your right to know

  • 14 Jun – The right to a home and what we can do about displaced communities

  • 12 Jul – Sexuality, teenage pregnancies, and reproductive health: What can we do?

  • 9 Aug – Youth Action Power: How are young people taking action together globally?

  • 13 Sep – New disability rights laws, very little change #kwaground, what next?

  • 11 Oct – The death penalty is outdated, time for abolition

  • 8 Nov – Ficha uchi, a changing data governance and how to keep yourself safe

  • 13 Dec – Did anything change in the 2023 human rights landscape, 2024 outlook