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June was quite a rollercoaster ride! We debated the controversial Finance Bill, now Finance Act 2023, launched the AfyaNafuu report, unleashed the power of protest and protected digital rights in Malindi. Our digital disruptors graduated, and our 4th Amnesty Members Kikao was truly kwa ground in Kibos, Kisumu County. This is an exciting one, so grab that hot beverage and read that we were up in June, 2023.

In this issue

  • Feature Post: Kabianga School, Pioneering a Human Rights-Friendly Environment
  • AfyaNafuu: Rapid Situational Analysis Report
  • Unleashing the Power of Protest and Protecting Digital Rights in Malindi
  • Digital Disruptors Graduation: Empowering Change Agents Digital Rights Advocacy
  • Taking charge of the Digital Frontier: Training in Malindi
  • Kikao Chetu: The Right to Housing
  • Amnesty Book Club

Feature Post: Kabianga School, Pioneering a Human Rights-Friendly Environment

We spotlight on Kabianga School’s remarkable journey in pioneering a human rights-friendly environment for its students. Led by Madam Jerop, this Amnesty International Kenya human rights club has achieved commendable milestones, including global engagements and thought-provoking discussions.

The club engaged with students from Liceo Giuseppe Berto School in Mogliano Veneto, Italy, through a series of groundbreaking online meetings facilitated under Amnesty’s Human Rights Friendly Schools initiative. These sessions provided a platform for students to share perspectives, exchange ideas, and broaden their understanding of human rights issues on a global scale.

They delved into discussions on school and state comparisons, gender differences and their societal manifestations, pressing global affairs such as the war in Ukraine and China’s influence, digital rights in the digital space, and club activities.

Click the button to learn more about Kabianga School’s dedication and unwavering human rights passion.

Afya Nafuu: Rapid Situational Analysis Report

The right to health is the entitlement to access quality and affordable health services. The fundamental question is, has the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) scheme facilitated the realisation of affordable and accessible, quality health care and progressive Universal Health Coverage (UHC)? In a joint report with the People’s Health Movement, we unravelled the complexities, challenges, and opportunities the NHIF can leverage.

Afya Nafuu Poster

Launched under our #AfyaNafuu campaign, the report marks a significant milestone in our collective efforts to drive positive change in the healthcare sector. The findings and recommendations generated from this research hold immense importance in informing the country’s effort to achieve quality, affordable healthcare for all. By highlighting Kenyans’ barriers in accessing the NHIF and identifying areas for improvement, we aim to catalyse positive change and foster a more inclusive healthcare system.

This timely report was launched in a health-centred panel discussion that addressed plausible ways and proposed alternative measures to strengthen NHIF as a reliable health safety net for millions living in poverty and facing marginalisation.

Our Board Chair Awour Ayiecho, Madhira Institute Director Ravi Ram, and Kenya Medical Association President Simon Kigondu steered the discussions. In a special way, we commend the team who tirelessly worked towards the success of this report. We continue to seek and advocate for improvements in healthcare accessibility and quality, particularly for marginalised communities.

Unleashing the Power of Protests and Digital Rights in Malindi

We embarked on an incredible three-day campaign engagement in Malindi in partnership with Heinrich Böll Foundation. It was nothing short of electrifying! We convened journalists, activists, students, Kaya elders, and fearless youth leaders in an epic meet-and-learn session in civic organising, mobilising, and claiming our right to peacefully assemble, demonstrate, and picket.

We delved into the world of Data Protection and Digital Rights and how best to utilise the digital sphere tactfully to demand accountability by state agents who use excessive force against peaceful protesters.

In addition, we had the privilege of learning from none other than the legendary Alamin Kimathi himself! The intergenerational activism sessions were an absolute treasure trove of knowledge, where we soaked up the intricacies of organising protests and taking up civic space.

Protests and Digital Rights
Digital disruptors graduation

Digital Disruptors Graduation: Empowering Change Agents for Digital Rights Advocacy

In the month of February, Amnesty International Kenya embarked on a transformative odyssey aimed at equipping and empowering a select group of five youths from a pool of over 700 applications of the Digital Disruptors program.

Following the commencement of the Linda Data Campaign, a venture that served as a beacon of inspiration for countless aspiring young minds across the country, the diligent five participants successfully completed the program.

They enhanced their skills, culminating in their well-deserved graduation this June. Moreover, these accomplished graduates are poised to extend the reach and impact of the campaign by effectuating its expansion across numerous Amnesty University chapters scattered throughout the country. Ensuring dissemination and perpetual defense of data protection principles.

Taking charge of the Digital Frontier: Trainings in Mombasa

In light of Kenya’s burgeoning technological landscape, where data generation, processing, storage, and access have witnessed exponential growth, there arises a pressing need to address the intricacies associated with access to information and the rampant exploitation of personal data through unregulated means. To combat cybercrime and foster justice within the digital landscape, it is crucial for the youth to be well-informed about their rights and proactively safeguard themselves.

To address this exigency, we organized a two-day Digital Rights training session for Mombasa’s Circle of Conscience (COC) on the 22nd and 23rd of June. The program helped our young participants understand the significance of safeguarding their digital personas, personal data, and online pursuits.

Attendees acquired pragmatic insights and cutting-edge tools to enable them fortify their digital security practices, thereby mitigating potential cyber threats.

Digital Rights
Kisumu Members Kikao

Kikao Chetu: Is the Housing Levy the Ideal Path to Securing the Right to a Home?

It was all matters forced evictions and the right to housing in our fourth edition of #AmnestyMembersKikao. Our commitment to take #AmnestyKwaGround took us to Kibos, Kisumu County, where we engaged survivors of the February 2021 forced evictions on this timely conversation. We reflected on the impact of forced evictions, housing rights in Kenya and implications of the new housing tax.

Amidst the challenges faced by evicted communities, the Constitution of Kenya guarantees the right to housing under its bill of rights. Article 43(1)(b) explicitly states that every person has the right to accessible and adequate housing, along with reasonable sanitation standards. However, forced evictions persist, undermining this fundamental right. Through our conversations led by Amnesty International Kenya Campaigns Manager Zaina Kombo and Amnesty International Kenya board chair Awour Ayiecho, we delve into the urgent need for change.

Catch the discussion here:

The Right To Housing

Amnesty Book Club

To all book lovers, get ready to dive headfirst into the captivating world of “Vagabonds!” by the brilliant Eloghosa Osunde. This exhilarating novel promises to take us on a wild ride through the lives of extraordinary characters as they navigate the twists and turns of their journeys, seeking freedom, love, and purpose. The best part? It’s free! So, what are you waiting for? Register for this thrilling book club to read and join us for some stimulating discussions.

Join us for a fascinating book club discussion at Cheche Bookshop and Café at Kauria Close, Nairobi from 5 pm –7 pm, See you there!

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Annual Delegates Conference

Our Board has approved 29 and 30 September as the dates for the 2023 Annual Delegates Conference. We have begun preparing documents for members and circles of conscience to discuss and establishing the preparatory and nominations committees. AI Kenya participated in the Amnesty Africa Forum in May and will participate in the Amnesty Global Assembly in August as a National Section for the first time. Expect to hear more from us in August newsletter.

Coming up in July:

  • Amnesty Members Kikao: Sexuality, Teenage Pregnancies and Reproductive Health – 12th July
  • Amnesty Book Club – 28th July

Keep spreading the word, keep fighting for justice, and keep standing up for what is right. Together, we can make a difference and speak truth to power. Until next time.

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