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Expansion of Civic Space

Significance of the PBO Act 2013 in 2024

State of the civil society in Kenya in 2024 Widely recognized as one of the most vibrant civil society sectors in the Eastern Africa region, Kenya has upwards of 50,000 NGOs, foundations, trusts, occupation-based associations, and organisations working at national, county and community levels. Four...
Expansion of Civic Space

Time for a new Pact for the Future

Would you live your life differently if your life’s purpose was designed around a multi-generational problem or goal? This was the central question for over 2,000 civic leaders who attended the United Nations Civil Society Conference that closed yesterday. The world recoils from several major...
Expansion of Civic Space

Kenya at Crossroad Again?

Irungu Houghton: We were really saddened by the level of violence, amount of teargas, the return of armored water canon trucks. It demonstrates in many ways that our democracy is still not at a place where disagreement do not lead to mayhem and destruction. Nerima Wako: The high numbers show you...
Expansion of Civic Space


THE CONTEXT JUST SHIFTED; WE MUST ALSO STATEMENT TO THE POST-2022 ELECTIONS POLICE REFORMS WORKING GROUP RETREAT 14 SEPTEMBER 2022 Anti-slavery campaigner Fredrick Douglas reminds us power concedes nothing in the absence of organized public demand by those most affected. The 21 members of the...
Expansion of Civic Space

Reflections on Uchaguzi 2022

Though not yet over, the 2022 General Elections came with notable positives. We saw a relatively peaceful pre-election period, improved nomination processes and more women stepping forward to vie for elective office. Kenyans conducted themselves peacefully during the elections and we commend the...