Our Pillars

Technology & Human Rights

We work to enhance data protection and data governance practices within Kenya and East Africa as whole.

Equality & Anti-Discrimination

In collaboration with our partners, members, and supporters, we work to reduce inequalities, identity-based discrimination, and corruption impacts on human rights denial.

Civil Liberties

We work with and support others to strengthen the freedom of expression and association and expand the civic space for public accountability.

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Circles of Conscience

Circles of Conscience are the backbone of Amnesty International Kenya. They refer to organised groups of human rights
campaigners and supporters or partners across different identities, interests and geographical locations who advocate
for the protection and promotion of human rights.

Three categories of Circle of Conscience you should join:

School Clubs

University/College Chapters

Community Chapters

Join us to build a bigger, bolder, youthful and more inclusive human rights movement across all 47 counties of Kenya.


And Tools

Fight injustice and help create a world where human right are enjoyed by all.

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