Technology & Human Rights

We work to answer one of the fundamentals questions, what do our human rights look like in the digital age.

Children and Young People’s Digital Rights

Each month, more than five million children go online for the first time. We’re running a major partnership with young people to ensure digital technologies protect their rights, health and wellbeing

From algorithms amplifying insecurities to influencers peddling hate speech, the dangers of online spaces for children and young people frequently make headlines. But too little is happening to change this, and youth voices are largely invisible from the debate.

Through RIGHTS Click-online platforms and other digital technologies we are developing campaigns to ensure young people can shape safe online spaces and thrive in them and enjoy their health and well-being.

Digital Identity

Shaping policy discussions surrounding the Unique Personal Identifier. Through our work in this area, we strive to influence policy decisions to ensure Kenya’s Digital ID is data protection and human rights compliant, with a priority on privacy and inclusion

Data Governance and Data Protection

In partnership with organizations such as the Open Institute, Office of the Data Protection Commission, Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Technology, (Strathmore University), we come together to promote data protection and governance practices within Kenya and East African Region.

Our main aim is to collaborate and bring data protection main actors, investigate, research and learn from each other in an effort to strengthen advocacy around data governance issues in Kenya.