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Press Freedom

Stakeholders should address existential threats to media freedom

Kenya celebrated World Press Freedom Day on Wednesday. Its theme is “Shaping a Future of Rights: Freedom of Expression as a Driver for all other human rights”. People and societies can protect all other rights by seeking, receiving, and imparting information. You can’t claim a right you don’t know...
Press Freedom

Resolve emerging confusion around media regulation mandate

Over the years, confusion has existed regarding the overlap between the Communications Authority of Kenya, created under the Kenya Information and Communications Act (KICA) and the two entities created under the Media Council Act, the Media Council of Kenya (MCK) and the Media Complaints Commission...

Don’t Criminalize Journalism

Amnesty International Kenya condemns the weaponisation of contempt of court provisions to criminalise journalism. In order to lawfully limit freedom of expression and freedom of the press, provisions must be clear and concise, have a legitimate purpose, be necessary, and be proportionate. Jailing...
Censorship and Freedom of Expression


February 1, 2018. The Kenya National Commission for Human Rights, Amnesty International, the Inter-Religious Council of Kenya, Article 19 and Katiba Institute condemn the surrounding of the Nation MediaGroup offices by police officers last night. It is credibly believed that the Kenyan authorities...