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Nairobi, 18 August 2022 – Amnesty International Kenya is greatly concerned with rising reports of intimidation, ethnic profiling, and disappearances of Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) Commissioners and staff. We strongly condemn the torture and murder of Embakasi East Returning Officer, Daniel Mbolu Musyoka. This killing mirrors the gruesome murder of election official Chris Musando in 2017, a murder for which no one has been held accountable for.  Our sincere condolences to the family, friends, and the entire IEBC fraternity.

“Until the murderers of IEBC official Daniel Musyoka are arrested and arraigned in court, our 290 constituency returning officers and 47 county returning officers are not safe. We call on the Directorate of Criminal Investigations and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions to act decisively on this murder and all cases of intimidation of returning officers,” says Amnesty International Kenya Executive Director Irungu Houghton.

We call on the law enforcement agencies to review and enhance security and protection for all IEBC commissioners and employees. The IEBC cannot be expected to carry out the gubernatorial and constituency elections without this. Their safety and wellness are especially necessary as aggrieved candidates have declared their intention to contest the declared results in courts of law. Consequently, we demand public assurance by the National Police Service that they have implemented adequate security measures for all IEBC officials.

Additionally, we request the Kenya Psychological Association to provide immediate psycho-social support to IEBC staff experiencing anxiety and fear. We also advise all returning officers to report any cases of intimidation by party agents and their supporters to the police. They should further report any intimidation they receive from the police to IPOA and lastly report cases of intimidation by state officers to  the ODPP and KNCHR.

Lastly, we strongly urge Kenyans to stop profiling and cyberbullying individual IEBC Commissioners based on their public positions on the Monday Presidential announcement. There are appropriate legal spaces and mechanisms for resolving the internal dispute. Deepening divisions does not assist the Commission or the country.

 Amnesty International Kenya remains a non-partisan civic organization and committed to promoting and defending human rights for all.

 For more information and interviews, contact Mathias T. Kinyoda, Mobile +254723424803, Email: [email protected]

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