5TH APRIL 2018 

Today, the High Court of Kenya sentenced Officer Titus Ngamau Musila to 15 years for the unlawful killing of Kenneth Kinani Mwangi at the Githurai 45 bus stage, Nairobi County. The shooting to death of Mr. Kenneth Mwangi took place five years ago on 14th March 2013. 

“Amnesty International Kenya considers this as victory not just for the victim and his family but also for the overall fight against extrajudicial executions. The arrest, conviction and sentencing today demonstrates that the Police Service, Director of Public Prosecutions, Independent Police Oversight Authority and the Judiciary can work together bring an end to the illegal killings,” said Irũngũ Houghton, Amnesty International’s Executive Director. 

The National Police Service Act makes express provisions regarding self-defense by police officers and the use of force and the use of fire arm. A police officer must resort to non-violent means as the first option and only use force only when non-violent means are ineffective. The force must be proportional to the objective to be achieved, the seriousness of the offence and the level of resistance and still only to the extent necessary. “The sentencing comes at a time when there are several allegations against our National Police Service and pending cases on extrajudicial executions nationally” Irũngũ Houghton, Amnesty International’s Executive Director continues. 

May Titus Ngamau Musila’s case serve as an example to other police officers to understand the value of life and the essence of following due process as mandated by law. Amnesty International Kenya further consoles the family of the late Kenneth Kinani Mwangi and appreciates them for being steadfast in seeking justice for their son and brother.  

Amnesty remains committed to seeing an end to extrajudicial executions by ensuring greater command responsibility, deeper community policing and increased public oversight of our police to ensure safe communities.   

For more information or to arrange an interview, please call Amnesty International Kenya’s press office in Nairobi on +254 723424802