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As Caroline is laid to rest, Amnesty International Kenya acknowledges efforts of the Dandora Community Justice Center, Justice Centers working groups, IMLU, NCHRD-K, KHRC, Haki Africa, IJM as well as human rights networks and CSOs across the country for following up on the case of Caroline Mwatha.   

The human rights fraternity and more so, human rights defenders have lost a Comrade who dedicated her life to the pursuit of justice and human rights. Her death has dealt a heavy blow to the movement.  

We renew our sympathy for Caroline’s family which has had to deal not only with the grief and shock of the disappearance and loss of a dear member but also the extreme intrusive manner to which the surrounding publicity has exposed them. 

Caroline has been a strong supporter of the rights of all citizens to access justice. She has been following up on the various cases of injustice as a member of the Dandora Community Justice Center. The least that can be done to honor her legacy is to ensure that her work lives on.  Fare thee well Caroline, may you rest in power. 

For more information and media interviews, kindly contact Wariko Waita via +254 700 186206 or [email protected]  

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