Human is My ID Quarter 2 Discrimination Index

How Floods Exacerbated Discrimination and Inequality Against Women, Youth, PWDs and Sexual Minorities in Kenya: Presentation of Focused Group Discriminations Held in May 2024 in Nairobi’s Mathare, Mukuru, Kawangware and Kibera Area

This discrimination index sought to find out whether women, youth, persons with disabilities and LGBTQ+ were accorded the same levels of protection during March-May 2024 rains in Kenya, which resulted in flooding across Kenya. During the floods, at least 290 people were killed, and at least 55,776 families were displaced.[7] However, preexisting factors influenced their discrimination. We received reports that the government, community, and other sectors discriminated against them when they were supported to mitigate the impacts of flooding.

This index, therefore, looks to collect views from the community on whether women, youth, persons with disabilities, and sexual minorities felt safe and equal protection during floods in Kenya and make campaignable recommendations as to what needs to be done to ensure inclusion and equal protection of all persons. Additionally, this index will analyse the intersectionality between status-based discrimination and economic ability and whether it exacerbates discrimination.