We believe in everyone’s right to speak out peacefully for themselves and others – whether a journalist reporting on violence by the police, a trade unionist exposing poor working conditions or a group of peaceful demonstrators speaking truth to power.  

One action can spark a movement. If we work together, we can create a better world where everyone is equal and free from inequalities.  

Article 33 of the Constitution of Kenya guarantees the right to freedom of expression. It encompasses the freedom to seek, receive, or impart information or ideas. Freedom of artistic creativity and academic freedom and freedom of scientific research.  

Article 37 guarantees the right to assemble peacefully and without arms. Citizens have the right to gather and express their views collectively without fear of repression. 

Article 34 specifically safeguards the freedom of the media. It ensures journalists and media organisations can operate independently and report without undue interference. A free press is essential for a vibrant democracy.

The Right to Protest in Kenya

Amnesty International’s Protect the Protest campaign was launched in July 2022 to stop the attacks on peaceful protesters

In its flagship campaign, Protect the Protest, Amnesty International is working to expose when the right to protest is being violated and support movements worldwide as they strive for positive change. The campaign calls on governments to send a clear message that protesters should be protected and to remove unnecessary barriers and restrictions to peaceful protest.


  • Protest is treated as a threat
  • Unlawful force is used against protesters and less-lethal weapons are misused
  • Militarization takes place

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