Our Message to the Movement

After seven months of human rights education and rights monitoring across seven hotspot counties, 69 ward-level community dialogues and national engagement, our team will take a wellness break between 8-11 August 2022 to re-charge and vote. We will work remotely and return to our physical office on Monday, 22nd August 2022.

What is an election offence, and what can you do about it?

The four election offences include voter bribery, online or physical intimidation, violence, and vote tampering. Report these offences to the contacts below

To report a crime or complaint by anyone. National Police Service (NPS) Police Hotline: 999/112/911

Toll-Free Line: 0800-730-999


Twitter: @NPSOfficial_KE


To report complaints of human rights abuses committed by anyone Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) Toll-Free Line: 0800 720 627

WhatsApp Number: 0798 849 871 SMS: 22359

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @HakiKNCHR www.knchr.org

To report any election offence for investigation and prosecution. Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions Toll-Free Line 0800723377 0110939802


Report complaints of gender inequality and acts of violence against women and persons with disabilities that are not criminal acts for investigation National Gender Equality Commission (NGEC) Telephone: 070 375 100

Toll-Free Line: 0800 72 0187

Twitter: @NGECKenya


To report police misconduct, severe injuries and death caused by police officers for investigations. Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) Toll free line: 1559 Telephone: 020 490 6000/ 0743 262 729/ 0115-284-467/ 0115 291 476/ 0115 296 436

Mombasa: 0799 019 998 | [email protected]

Kisumu: 0799 862 244 | [email protected]

Nyeri: 020 200 4664 | [email protected]

Uasin Gishu & Turkana: 020 440 3548 | [email protected]

Kakamega: 020 440 35 49 | [email protected]

Garissa: 0777 040 400 | [email protected]

Nakuru: 020 490 6552 | [email protected]

Meru: 020 490 6652 | [email protected]

Email: [email protected] and [email protected]

Twitter: @IPOA_KE

To report police inaction on criminal acts, unlawful police confinement and human rights violations. Internal Affairs Unit National Police Service Office Mobile: 0798 721 230

Toll-Free Line: 0800 721 230

SMS: 40683

USSD Code: *683#

Twitter: @IAU_Kenya

Email: [email protected]


How can you reach our partners and us in an emergency?

WhatsApp our hotline at +254 759 464 346 and complete an incident form. Contact our partners IMLU, FIDA, Defenders Coalition, Missing Voices Alliance, or Haki Africa, among others.

Why does your vote matter?

We call on you and your family to come out and vote. The universal right to vote took four decades for Kenyans to attain. Exercising this right honours those that fought for us. It is also your civic duty. In an election, the vote is the only thing that counts. If we fail to vote, others will choose the next 47+1 governments for us. A high turnout avoids the possibility and cost of an election re-run. Save time by checking your status and polling station stream here https://verify.iebc.or.ke.

We encourage you to follow and use these hashtags #TusibleedNdioWalead #ElectionsBilaNoma #FumbuaUkweli over this period. Disinformation is real. Let’s keep ourselves informed with facts, not propaganda.

Lastly, as you prepare to vote for the six candidates of your choice, we invite you to:

We wish you a safe electioneering period. In solidarity,