Amnesty envisions a world free of violence, discrimination, and inequality. The Amnesty International Kenya Members Code of Conduct is a set of commitments by members to work towards the realisation of our vision. The code seeks to create ethical, empowered and engaged members in Amnesty spaces and all areas of members’ lives. 


As a member of Amnesty International Kenya, I will: – 

  1. Promote Amnesty’s six core values of leadership integrity, international solidarity, belief in the power of people, indivisibility and universality of rights, independence as a movement and mutual respect for all
     2. Deepen my understanding of Amnesty’s structures and policy positions
     3. Participating in Amnesty International Kenya’s circles of conscience and activities
     4. Actively seek to create anti-discriminatory, inclusive, ethical and empowered spaces – not just in  Amnesty, but in all the personal, professional, social and spaces I occupy
     5. Be truthful in the information I share about Amnesty International Kenya and its activities
     6. Refer official communication directed to Amnesty to the Secretariat for action and not represent the organization publicly
     7. Channel any concerns and grievances to the Secretariat Executive Director or the Board Membership Committee for them to be addressed

     8. Establish a Board Members Committee to manage members’ concerns and issues addressed

     9. Treating all people with respect, equality, dignity and prudence. 
     10. Comply with Amnesty International Kenya’s mandatory reporting regulations on bullying, intimidation, sexual harassment, or any other form of harassment, violence and abuse. 
I understand that my membership can be revoked in circumstances where my actions are grossly inconsistent with this code of conduct. I also know that I am entitled to a fair administrative hearing and the right of appeal in line with the Amnesty International Kenya constitution and regulations.

A common vision should guide all areas of our lives
As a leaderFULL movement, it is common global values, not rules that guide
Constant enquiry guards against righteousness and encourages growth and coherence 
Human rights protection is not only theory but practical action 
Human rights is not about public spaces but the personal spaces as well
Avoids fake-news and toxic lies
Ensures brand and reputation consistency
Guards against gossip, directs complaints to people who can respond
Role-model the values of mutual respect and service
Zero tolerance for harassment of any sort against others
Membership is not an entitlement. It can be stripped if AIK deems necessary to protect the organization