2022 Annual Delegates Conference: Call for People


We are looking to appoint candidates for the six voluntary positions of Annual Delegates Conference (ADC) Chairperson (1), ADC Committee Members (2) and Nominations Committee members (3). We encourage you to consider applying and sharing this with other Amnesty Kenya members. Current Board members and staff are not eligible for nomination to these six positions.


Dear members, 

Two weeks after Amnesty Kenya celebrates its tenth anniversary on 18 October 2022, our organisation seeks to hold the very first Annual Delegates Conference on 28-29 October. These two moments offer a significant opportunity to celebrate our resilience, reframe our human rights vision, expand membership, and build the human rights movement. 

Amnesty Kenya held its first national conference of members in 2020. This year’s Annual Delegates Conference is a significant step towards becoming an independent national section of Amnesty International. Amnesty Kenya Circles of Consciences will have the opportunity to appoint two delegates to the Annual Delegates Conference. In the coming weeks, we shall communicate guidelines to COC Office-bearers and the membership.  

The path toward section recognition intentionally started in 2015 with the approval of a new Strategic Framework (2018-2020), management expansion and appointment of a statutory board. Since then, Amnesty Kenya has revamped its constitution and governance manual, diversified its budgetary dependence from 97% to 63%, expanded membership from 256 members to over 2,000 members and 21,000 supporters and established 65 locally owned members Circles of Conscience in schools, universities, and communities nation-wide. 

Under the Amnesty Kenya constitution and governance manual, we are required to appoint six voluntary leadership positions from our membership. To be eligible, you must be a current member of Amnesty Kenya. They are: 

  • 2022 ADC Chairperson (1)  
  • 2022 ADC committee members (2) 
  • 2022 Nominations Committee (3) 

The ADC Chairperson (1) and ADC committee members (2) are responsible for presiding over the upcoming ADC, supported by the board and staff. We are looking for three members with governance and facilitation experience, strategic awareness, strong communication and stakeholder management skills, and a proven ability to establish effective working relationships, build trust and empower participation in decision-making. They will also need to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of creating open governance and cross-cultural inclusion culture. The roles of the ADC Chairperson and ADC committee members are voluntary. However, Amnesty will reimburse any costs incurred in discharging this duty. The tenure of the three volunteers is expected to primarily take 8 days between 25 September to 3 November 2022

 The Nominations Committee (3) are responsible for managing nominations and elections to the National Board. They will select from among themselves their chairperson. We are looking for three members with organisational governance, human resources or legal experience, strategic awareness, an understanding of the impact of decisions on meeting outcomes, relationship management and decision-making experience in member-based organisations. The role of nomination committee members will be voluntary. However, Amnesty will reimburse any costs incurred in the discharge of this duty. The tenure of nominations committee members is primarily expected to take 2-3 days between 1 October to 3 November 2022 and, if required, for specific tasks assigned between the 2022 and 2023 ADC. 

Equality and diversity are Amnesty’s core values. We welcome and encourage candidates from all backgrounds regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, physical ability, faith or other elements of identity or educational and social backgrounds. 

Complete or request your nominees to complete the nominations form NOMINATION FORM LINK by 5pm 15 September 2022 

Awuor Ayiecho 

Amnesty International Kenya Board Chairperson