Our Story


Amnesty Kenya started out as the Tukomeshe Unajisi Network (TUN)—which translates in Kiswahili to “Stamp Out Rape”—our chapter has consistently provided a platform for examining issues, promoting advocacy and intervening on sexual offenses.

Since its beginnings, Amnesty Kenya and TUN have grown an impressive network of over 20 organizations that have successfully contributed to strategic policy and legislative changes on the institutional response to sexual violence. One of the most significant to date, is the Sexual Offenses Act of 2006, which continues to educate and protect citizens from sexual violence.

The right to adequate housing and safety within the slums continues to be an important cause for Amnesty Kenya. Since 2009, the campaign on housing rights has empowered citizens in five slums of Nairobi to speak strongly against forced evictions. Active participation in promoting change has proven effective, providing people with a sense of ownership and control over their living conditions. Great strides have also been made engaging police officers to better address security in highly impoverished neighborhoods. As a result, law enforcement has begun to garner more respect among area residents—creating a mutually beneficial effect on neighborhood safety.

To continue promoting education and activism among Kenya’s population, The Kenya Mobilization and Growth Project began in 2009. The movement has been instrumental in Amnesty Kenya’s growth and influence throughout Kenya. It is a great source of pride and positive change through which young people can get involved in the betterment of society.

The project continues to attract youth participation through 160 community-based organizations, over 30 high school human rights clubs and a network of university students from Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania.

In 2010, Amnesty Kenya received its registration from the Government of Kenya and became a legal entity operating in Kenya as a branch of Amnesty International, registered in London.


Fight injustice and help create a world where human rights are enjoyed by all.