Human Rights Education and Activism


Our youth are at the centre of an epic battle for Article 10 of our constitution. This battle for ethics, rights and national values is not just confined to our schools and universities. We shall explore more mass-based partnerships, online learning and civic engagement strategies to build a youthful human rights movement. ~ Irũngũ Houghton, AI Kenya Executive Director.

Through our Human Rights Education pillar, we empower people to recognize and enjoy their own rights, honor the rights of others and develop their capabilities to the fullest. It’s our strong belief that if individuals and communities are equipped with adequate knowledge and skills on human rights, then will respect and uphold their rights and those of others.

Recognizing that institutions of learning are incredibly powerful in shaping our sense of social and civic responsibility, Amnesty International Kenya is integrating Human Rights Education into primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities. Further, Amnesty International Kenya is working with networks of teachers, accountants and artists to build a bigger, bolder and youthful human rights movement.

By creating a culture of human rights practice in places of learning and working, we develop ethical values based on a practical understanding of our roles and responsibilities in society. The Amnesty Academy is currently offering the following courses via this link

  1. Introduction to Amnesty International (1.5 Hrs) – COMPULSORY for all Human Rights Campaigners in Kenya
  2. An Introduction to Human Rights (1.5 Hrs) COMPULSORY for all Human Rights Campaigners in Kenya, and a certificate is provided at the end of the training.


Fight injustice and help create a world where human rights are enjoyed by all.