2020 marks the tenth anniversary of the promulgation of the 2010 Constitution and the birth of the Second Republic. The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights and eight human rights organisations commissioned this scorecard to understand the level of awareness, perceptions, attitudes and experiences of Kenyans on the implementation of t he 2010 constitution.

The promulgation of the 2010 constitution brought in its wake an aura of optimism among most Kenyans. We expected and demanded a new order, a radical departure from the excesses, exclusions and subjugation of the independence constitution. Given a huge vote of approval at the referendum, the 2010 constitution was expected to guarantee human rights to all, freedom from discrimination and change the governance system for the good.

The report reveals key insights on chapters 1 (people drive state), 4 (Bill of Rights), 6 (Leadership Integrity) and 11 (Devolved governance). The findings inform implementation gaps and key obstacles blocking the protection and promotion of human rights for all. They also answer the question of this moment, is it time to amend or enforce the constitution?

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