Homeless in Pandemic

Dagoretti Corner Forced Evictions

In his own words, “I can’t feel my leg, I can’t feel my leg” Kevin explains how he sought help to untangle him from the rubble that had fallen on him covering the lower part of his body. The now 22-year-old Kevin Mukoya Wambulwa was born and raised in western Kenya Malava. Kevin’s early life was not as easy, his mother left him in 2013 to start a new life immediately after his father had died while he was still young. In 2017, He decided to move to Nairobi after the loss of his dear grandmother, the closest family he ever had. Alone in this world, he settled in Kariobangi North where he started building a new life by picking odd jobs to raise funds for his upkeep. At times he took construction jobs a clear indicator of an industrious young man he was. Over his period of stay in Kariobangi North, Kevin had saved enough and opened his first business, a Barber Shop commonly referred to as a “Kinyozi” which he ran and operated up until the 4 of May.

That morning saw the end of Kevin’s business, his only source of livelihood and hope of a brighter future, the weather was still chilly from the heavy rain that was pounding most parts of Nairobi. The Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company (NAWASCO) accompanied by a heavy police presence, bulldozers and excavators were busy forcefully evicting over 12,700 households In Kariobangi North. In the rush of things, Kevin was trying to salvage his belongings from his house, as he reached out to pick more, an excavator knocked the wall of his house and it fell on him. The weight of the wall landed on his right leg. The neighbors who were also struggling to recover their properties helped whisk him away to Mama Lucy Hospital.

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