Annual Delegates

Campaign Goal:

Improve leadership quality as a way of helping guarantee the protection of human rights to reduce social and economic inequalities and prioritise health rights policies.

Specific Campaign Objectives:

1. Reduce inequalities and corruption in Kenya.n, and justice.

2. Monitor COVID-19 protocols and identity-based violence and discrimination.

Under these specific campaign objectives, the Pillar will: 

1. Educate the voting population on the importance of ethical leadership and draw linkages between poor governance and increased and persistent inequalities .

2. Contribute to setting human right-centred priorities for successive governments.

3. Actively monitor and respond to emerging Identity-based discrimination and COVID19 protocols violation in 2022.

Through the above interventions, the outcomes expected include: 

1. Increased civic engagement during the 2022 elections.

2. Significant human rights-centred priorities adopted in the political leaders’ manifestos in 2022.

3. Established rapid redress mechanisms for  for identity-based discrimination and COVID-19 protocol violations.