Growth & Human Rights Education


When people understand their rights, they can become empowered to stand up for them. The goal of the Growth and Human Rights Education program is to attract new active Amnesty Kenya members living in Kenya.  The program makes the Kenyan public aware of various human rights issue through dialogue forums, community theatre, community radio shows, workshops, chief’s Barazas (community forums convened by a local administrator), churches, and sporting activities.  To reach the largest number of people, we work with:

  • University students through the Students Consortium for Human Rights Advocacy (SCHORA)— promoting essay writing competitions, photography competitions and the intervarsity human rights debate championships.
  • High school teacher networks across the country—organizing essay competitions and human rights education festivals.
  • Professional groups such as the Law Society of Kenya (LSK), East Africa Centre for Human Rights (EACH Rights), Peace Brigade International (PBI) and Alliance for Lawyers at Risk (ALR)—to create the Economic and Social (ECOSOC) Jurist of the Year award.
  • The Africa Human Rights  Education  Project  through  regional  networks  in  Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Teso and Kakamega.
  • Youth-based networks, such as DIRA –holding monthly bunges (community caucuses) and community trainings.
  • The Ministry of Education—promoting a human rights theme at the annual Kenya Music Festivals.


Fight injustice and help create a world where human rights are enjoyed by all.