We can't do it without you!

At Amnesty International Kenya, we recognize that you may wish to engage with us in different ways and here is how:-

Become a Member

Amnesty International Kenya is a membership organization that relies on active participation of members like you to promote and protect human rights in Kenya and beyond our borders. Becoming a member entails paying a membership fee annually and taking part in the Annual General Meeting where your vote counts on how Amnesty International Kenya is governed. As a member you will be able to take part in campaigning, making decisions and represent Amnesty International Kenya in meetings locally and internationally.

Become a Supporter

As a supporter you take an active role in our events, signing petitions and contribute monthly or one-off, as you feel called upon. You can also contribute your time and/or your skills towards the realization of dignity for all.

Be an Activist

Sometimes it is not enough for you to sign a petition and contribute monthly or annually, you want to influence others to join you. How Amnesty International Kenya carries out its work is something you want to be involved in closely. Welcome on board! You are either a supporter or a member with a keen interest in the protection of others. We need you to activate others to take up the call in holding accountable those responsible with the promotion, protection and fulfillment of human rights.

Our calendar is also available to you and we are always open to ideas via email. We are also active on social media and look forward to your participation in our online events and campaigns.

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