Rahma Ahmed Baballa at the Amnesty International Offices in London

There is something more beautiful than the smell of warm sea breeze, the sound of crashing waves, and coconut trees down at the coast…..That’s according to one Rahma Ahmed Baballa.

Born and raised in Kenya’s coastal city of Mombasa, the 25-year-old must have had enough of the sea waves and the myth which states that people from the coast are lazy when she said this.

Next step after high school

Rahma became active in participatory education in 2012. She later volunteered at DAYO (Dream Achievers Youth Organization) as a peer educator and an ambassador of Dance4life where she inspired youths in school and out of school to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS. Her efforts did not go unnoticed. She was featured in one of the local dailies in 2014.

Rahma has managed to promote social justice, fight for human rights and bring positive changes in her society. As a member of Mnayunyu Community Organization, Rhama continues to empower the community through Participatory Educational Theatre (P.E.T). The group has partnered with Amnesty international Kenya to provide and equip members with skills and knowledge to become better citizens.

Rahma remembers 2017 as one of her best years…

“Amnesty international appointed me as the Kenya representative in London for a Power to act! Global Training of Trainers on designing and delivering effective human rights education.”

“In 2014, I also got the opportunity to be among the youth from east Africa to participate at a Regional advocacy meeting in Uganda. The forum focused on sexual reproductive health rights.”

– Rahma Ahmed Baballa, a Human Right Defender.

Rahma is also keen on creating job opportunities. She’s managed to train youths in business skills through Adam Smith under KUZA Project. This has in returned helped many youth keep off drug abuse.

While Youths in Mombasa Kenya are faced with numerous challenges among them radicalization, drug abuse and unemployment, Rahma has emerged to be a force to reckon with.

 Israelmore Ayivor: Refuse to become a victim of your circumstances and give a lift to your potentials each and every day against the wish of any obstacle you encounter.