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As an Amnesty Kenya Member, you’ve pledged to do your part to end human rights violations—something our organization and the citizens we serve greatly appreciate.  To keep you informed of our successes and areas where more work is needed, we’ll send you regular updates and our newsletter.

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Member Benefits Include:

  • Active involvement in our causes with the option to run for positions as board members.  Members set our agenda and put it into action.  This means that you will have a say in the sort of campaigns we get involved in to improve lives in Kenya.
  • Be part of a well-recognized global voice calling for improved human rights for every citizen of Kenya—truly worthwhile work that makes a difference in the lives of so many men, women and children. Plus, you’ll have the chance to work with other Amnesty International Sections as well, with over 7 million supporters.
  • Stay informed on our campaigns, work to improve human rights standards, and help us lobby the Kenyan Government and various world leaders to take action in support of human rights.
  • Receive our monthly newsletter The Wire Alert, full of information and news on how your support is making a real impact. The Wire Alert covers the activities of Amnesty International from a global perspective.
  • Get advanced notice via email (early booking) of Amnesty Kenya lectures. Listen to high-profile international human rights defenders tell their stories.  This is an avenue for you to gain more knowledge, network and share your experiences.
  • Attend Amnesty International training workshops (locally or internationally) for FREE. We also offer periodic training sessions which cover best practices for engaging people on the subject of Human Rights activism.
  • Attend member meetings and other networking events.
  • Receive emails alerting you to take action. We keep you informed about our major campaigns and send information based on your regional interests.
  • Train online to work on specific campaigns or become an e-activist.
  • Join a Blogger or Event Organizer’s network to meet supporters in your area.
  • Be considered for local awards and honors, which recognize pro bono lawyers and other professionals who volunteer on Economic, Cultural & Socio-Economic cases.
  • Contribute to Amnesty Kenya’s blog.
  • Take advantage of internships and job opportunities.
  • Get involved with support networks and mentoring relationships with persons in various fields who will provide guidance and useful insights.
  • Commemorate Amnesty Kenya’s International days (Torture Day, World Habitat Day, etc.) by helping to organize various activities in your area.

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Fight injustice and help create a world where human rights are enjoyed by all.