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When you become part of Amnesty Kenya, you become part of a global movement to further the promotion and protection of human rights for men women and children. We’ve seen the difference our efforts can make, but there is more work to be done educating fellow citizens about their rights, raising awareness about safety issues, mobilizing members to lobby for better laws and much more! There are many ways to contribute—no matter where you live—and even small acts can make a big difference. 

Amnesty Kenya is always in need of new members and supporters. If you are interested in getting involved, please CLICK HERE


Embark on a mutually rewarding experience working within your community!  There are so many opportunities to get in involved whether it’s organizing events, participating in forums, mobilizing new members, connecting with law makers to promote our causes and much more.  And with the power of technology connecting us all—no matter where we live—you can make a difference from virtually anywhere through...

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A tax-deductible donation to Amnesty Kenya is a gift that will continue to benefit generations of people as strides are made to end abuse and secure human rights and safety for all. A gift in any amount will help further our important initiatives and continue educating and empowering new members—young people who will become tomorrow’s leaders.  ...

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As an Amnesty Kenya Member, you’ve pledged to do your part to end human rights violations—something our organization and the citizens we serve greatly appreciate.  To keep you informed of our successes and areas where more work is needed, we’ll send you regular updates and our newsletter. Register Now   Member Benefits Include: Active...

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